Why use organic skincare products?

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Why use organic skincare products?

Many of my friends wonder why I pay a premium for organic products and I know that some secretly think that it is all marketing magic.  Having had a career in marketing and PR I am well aware of how brands sell and have been a long-time supporter of more honest labelling, not just for skincare products but for many others such as food.

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There is certainly a lot of confusion about what it all means which is not helped by the regulations.  For example it is true that a product can call itself organic if as little as 1% of its ingredients are certified as organically produced, so reading labels carefully and checking out ingredients is essential when making choices.

The beauty industry has embraced ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ and it is now lot easier to find these products at a range of different price points than it ever was before. There is a difference between natural and organic ingredients and the UK Soil Association logo is the best guarantee that the organic ingredients are the best quality available.  Soil association products will be grown under tight regulations which ban the use of harmful chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides.

For me it’s about not wanting to use chemicals on my skin that will make their way into my bloodstream. Research has shown that the average woman applies more than 200 chemicals to her skin during the course of a day and up to 60% of these are absorbed into the bloodstream. I don’t want to use synthetic and chemical ingredients that could irate my skin and cause allergies or have negative long term effects that I don’t know about.

There is also a wider issue for me that is about doing my bit, however small to try and mitigate the negative impact that intensive farming methods could be having on the planet. I support organic farming because I believe it has benefits for wildlife, animal welfare and climate change.

It’s a life choice for me, one that I make in other areas of my life too and I respect that it is personal choice that we can all make.

If it matters to you then take a look at the Neal’s Yard Remedies take on organic farming here and look out for the Soil Association logo and others such as these.


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